Form Scanning

Whether you're affiliated with the university or part of the larger Tallahassee community, we provide optical mark scanning services to convert your paper-based, multiple-choice exams and surveys into reliable, usable data. FSU instructors can order forms, see scores, and view and download test data via our online system.

Form Ordering & Fees

We offer 5-, 10-, and 99-option generic, mark-sense forms:

  • 5-option @ 240 questions
  • 10-option @ 120 questions
  • 99-option @ 92 questions

Generic forms and scanning are offered free of charge for faculty and graduate students teaching FSU courses or conducting non-funded research. Funded FSU projects and external clients pay a fee for forms and labor. See our price list for current rate information. To place a form order, call 850-644-3017 or order online with your FSU credentials via our online Job Tracking System (JTS).

Data Security & Confidentiality

Data files are regularly checked for errors and problems, and jobs are tracked and recorded in our system. To ensure confidentiality, only trained scanning personnel handle materials in a secure, restricted-access environment. We never adjust, delete, or modify information on a key. To maintain the integrity of your scan job, please make sure all information is accurate before requesting scanning, and never include a hard copy of the paper test.

Drop Box (FSU Clients Only)

Our scanning drop box enables instructors to drop off their scan jobs during operating hours without waiting on the results.

  • The typical processing time is one business day.
  • Clients who typically drop off scan jobs at the Strozier Library location should now use the drop box located within the FSU Testing Center.

See below for drop-off and pick-up instructions.


Dropping a scan job at our drop-box location is easy. Instructors (or their designated runners) can drop scan jobs at the dropbox located inside the FSU Testing Center:

Testing Center at UCC-1100
Open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm*

Scanning clients with a valid FSU parking permit may park in one of the three, 20-minute loading zones (yellow-lined spaces labeled "Loading Zone") in front of the Testing Center. Instructions and request forms for dropping off your scanning job are posted at the dropbox. When your results are ready, we will email you. You can then view scanning reports and data online.



Though you're under no obligation to retrieve your scanned forms (these can now be viewed online in the Job Tracking System), you are welcome to contact us and set a time to pick them up. Forms that are not picked up are stored for one year and then shredded.

  • To pick up scanned forms, please email and let us know when you would like to arrive for pickup.
  • Be sure to bring the correct identification. FSU instructors and designated runners must present an FSU ID to pick up a scan job. A government-issued ID is acceptable for external clients.

Test Analysis, Form Viewing & Reporting (FSU Clients Only)

Instructors using our services can log into the Job Tracking System (JTS) via the web to see test results, item analysis, forms, and reports. Answer keys can be changed and reports re-generated through the JTS. We offer the following data and reports:

Item Analysis

Identifies suspicious test items that require additional analysis. Faulty test items can be miskeys, ambiguously written, or can indicate problems in teaching and learning of the topic. For more information, the Item Analysis Techniques presentation and Item Analysis Samples offer tips on using item analysis results.

Summary of Item Analysis

Provides percentages and frequency counts for all test items, including a count of omissions. Also includes a "Summary of Item Difficulty" that can help you analyze the overall difficulty of the exam and how well each item discriminates between high- and low-performing students.

Summary of Student Test Results

Contains a list (sorted top down) of the raw scores, the percentage scores, and the percentage of students who achieved each particular score. Also includes a bar chart showing the number of students who achieved each score, which illustrates the distribution of scores.

Listing of Student Test Results

Contains an alphabetic list of students with their percentage score as well as the percentage of students who scored below their score, omitted items, a multiple response count, and the form sequence number.

Listing of Student Scores for Posting

Lists the results by the last five digits of the student ID.

Student Feedback with Correct Answers

Lists the items each student missed with the correct answers; grouped by student name.

Student Feedback without Correct Answers

Lists the items each student missed without indicating which option was the correct answer; grouped by student name.

Response Frequency Report (Surveys Only)

Lists the frequency count and percentage of responses for each survey item, along with the median, inter-quartile range, mean, and standard deviation for each item.

Data Transfer & Electronic Reports

Download data from our system in comma-separated value (*csv) format, which imports conveniently into Excel, SPSS, and similar software applications. Reports can be downloaded from the system in portable document format (PDF).


*Testing Center hours are subject to change during the semester (e.g., midterm and final exams week). On Mondays and Fridays, you can drop off or pick up your scan jobs in UCC 2200, above the Testing Center. See A&T Hours, Parking, and Directions for current hours of operation.
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