• FSU Testing Center Services

    The main campus testing facility provides live proctoring for specialty exams like CLEP, Certiport, and Modern Language Placement. Additional services include form scanning for paper-based, multiple-choice exams and online proctoring via Honorlock.

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Are you a student looking for proctored testing information?
  Visit us at distance.fsu.edu/testing.

Proctored Testing

ODL's Assessment & Testing unit promotes academic integrity and student success with the operation of a secure, proctored testing facility on the main campus. Serving both FSU and the greater Tallahassee communities, the FSU Testing Center is certified by the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and adheres to rigorous standards for test monitoring and security. 

As of May 2021 we no longer provide live proctoring for FSU course exams.

FSU Testing Center Services

The main campus Testing Center offers live proctoring services for the following tests:

For information on testing in the FSU Testing Center, please visit distance.fsu.edu/testing.

Alternatives to Proctored Testing

Although proctored exams are a common means of assessing student learning, a wide range of alternative assessment strategies are worth considering. The following articles provide ideas for designing assessments and assignments that can substitute for in-person proctored testing: 

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching is also available to provide guidance on exam and assignment design. If high-stakes assessments are a must for your course, you can consider testing with FSU’s online proctoring service, Honorlock. 

Online Proctoring with Honorlock

Honorlock is available to FSU instructors as an alternative to in-person proctored testing and in cases where alternative assessments are not feasible. The service is offered at no cost to students. Exam sessions are recorded and flagged for review when potential academic misconduct is detected.

  • Your students take their exam in Canvas on their own computer via the internet. 
  • Honorlock verifies your students' identity, records their web activity, and provides built-in features like search and destroy, mobile device prevention, and a browser guard to prevent cheating.
  • Instructors are responsible for the academic integrity of exams administered through Honorlock. Exam recordings need to be monitored and reviewed for academic misconduct.
  • We recommend including the following syllabus text when choosing to use Honorlock in your course.

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