• Fall 2020 Testing Services

    The main campus Testing Center is open with limited services for the Fall 2020 term. Please review information on this page carefully as many of our normal procedures have been updated. We encourage instructors to use alternate assessment strategies when possible. If online proctoring is needed, FSU has contracted with Honorlock to provide services at no charge to FSU students. More information on Honorlock can be found below.

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Are you a student looking for proctored testing information?
  Visit us at distance.fsu.edu/testing.

Proctored Testing

Proctored testing is a common feature of online and some face-to-face courses. In addition to administering exams in our main campus facility, the Office of Distance Learning (ODL) coordinates proctored testing for instructors teaching online and distance classes.

All Fall 2020 finals will be administered remotely during the regularly-scheduled exam week.

On-Campus Testing

To protect students and staff and maintain the recommended social distancing, the Testing Center is operating at 25% capacity for the Fall 2020 term. We are currently offering testing services for CLEP and TEAS exams and are administering FSU course exams only to students needing special consideration, at the request of their instructor. Seats will be offered on a first-come basis. Because we are unable to accommodate our usual number of students, we encourage instructors to explore alternative assessment strategies and online proctoring (see information on online proctoring below).


How to Request On-Campus Testing Services 

If you're an FSU instructor wanting to arrange testing for a student, you can request services using the Fall 2020 Instructor Request Form. When submitting your request, be sure to include alternate contact information for your course, if applicable (eg, TA contact information).

PLEASE NOTE: In order for us to administer your exam to your student, separate versions of your exam will need to be created: one for students testing in the main campus Testing Center, one for remote students testing in an off-campus testing facility, and one for students testing via the online proctoring service Honorlock. If you need assistance duplicating and reconfiguring exams, we are available to help. Contact us at testing@campus.fsu.edu.



What to Tell Your Students

We've created sample syllabus text  so that your students have the information they need about proctored testing as soon as the term begins. The recommended text includes a placeholder for your policies on makeups for missed exams. You can also direct your students to our student-facing site distance.fsu.edu for easy-to-navigate information on proctored testing. They'll learn how it works, what it costs, and how to use both on-campus and off-campus testing services.

How to Ensure Appropriate Accommodations

FSU is committed to the academic success of all students and provides a full range of testing accommodations for qualified students through the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS), formerly the Student Disability Resource Center. To receive services, students must apply and be qualified through OAS and can then schedule proctored testing through the OAS website.

If the only accommodation needed is extra time, the FSU Testing Center is equipped to provide extra time accommodations under certain conditions. To ensure your student receives appropriate, extra time accommodations, you must arrange services with us well in advance of test day and adjust extra time settings in Canvas for your student. See our Testing Accommodations support article for instructions.  


Testing with an Online Proctoring Service

Online proctoring provides an alternative to testing in a proctored testing facility. Honorlock's online proctoring service provides a way of assessing students while they are taking courses remotely. The service is  offered at no cost to students. Exam sessions are recorded and flagged for review when potential academic misconduct is detected.

  • Your students will take their exam in Canvas on their own computer via the internet. 
  • Honorlock will verify your students' identity, record their web activity, and provide built-in features like search and destroy, mobile device prevention, and a browser guard to prevent cheating.
  • Instructors are responsible for the academic integrity of exams administered through Honorlock. Exam recordings need to be monitored and reviewed for academic misconduct.
  • We recommend including the following syllabus text when choosing to use Honorlock in your course.

Ready to use Honorlock? Click or tap the button below for everything you need to get started.



Off-Campus Testing at an Approved Facility

Please note that many testing facilities have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and students are likely to be unable to secure testing with an approved facility at this time. We recommend the use of alternative assessment strategies and Honorlock in place of off-campus testing facilities.



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