Quality Course Design

Our instructional development faculty provide expert consulting on course design and pedagogy. We can help you leverage strategies and tools to engage your learners and promote their success in the online environment.

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Instructional Development Faculty

Instructional Development Faculty

Instructional Development Faculty

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What Does a Quality Online Course Look Like?

Quality courses remove obstacles to learner achievement and are easier to navigate. They result in better learning outcomes and a better student experience. FSU is committed to online course quality and uses the Quality Matters rubric to review all new and substantively revised online courses. Its eight quality standards are backed by national research in online learning and represent a faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses.

More student interaction

Quality Matters Standard #5 focuses on how well learning activities provide learner interaction in support of active learning.

More assignments submitted

Quality Matters Standard #3 focuses on assessment and how well a course connects the learner's work to the grading policy.

More engaging tools

Quality Matters Standard #6 focuses on the inclusion of various technologies to promote learner engagement and active learning.

Better course evaluations

In one study, students enrolled in Quality Matters courses gave higher marks on course evaluations than those enrolled in non-QM courses.*

Universal Design & Accessibility

In addition to promoting quality online learning, our staff consult with departments and faculty on universal design and accessibility. We offer a variety of resources and workshops designed to help faculty make course content accessible for all students. Creating course content with usability and accessibility in mind creates a better learning experience for everyone. Check out our support articles for accessibility tips and resources:

Interested in a workshop? We offer sessions on universal design and accessibility, including how to use Bb Ally to make course content in Canvas accessible. See our Training & Workshops page for more information.

*In a study published by Florida International University in July 2016 (The Benefits of Quality Matters Certification: What the Analytics Reveal), students rated their Quality Matters courses higher in every category when compared to non-Quality Matters courses. They also rated their instructors 12% higher in QM versus non-QM courses.


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