Data & Reporting

To support online programs, we maintain and provide reports on a variety of online program data. If you're a department offering an online course or program, our program specialists are available to support you and your students. We respond to student inquiries, maintain an online programs website for prospective and current students, ensure the accurate coding of courses in the registrar's master course schedule, and report course and program data in compliance with university, state, and federal regulations.

Departments needing to request a new or updated program listing can do that using the Update Program Data form found in the QuickLinks menu on this page.

Online Programs Website

To ensure prospective distance learning students can browse all FSU online programs in one place, ODL maintains a web directory of programs at Students can search online programs, connect with the offering college or department, and get answers to common questions about distance learning at FSU. From getting admitted and paying tuition and fees to accessing support services, students interested in online learning at FSU can find a wide variety of information, links, and resources.

Course Coding

To ensure that students can find courses, enroll in the correct locations and majors, and pay the correct tuition and fees, ODL program specialists regularly check departmental entries for accuracy and are available to help answer questions during the course building process. If you're a department in the process of course building, please make sure our staff are aware of all online courses you plan to offer. With the appropriate lead time, we will make sure the correct distance learning fees and notes are attached in time for enrollment.

Data Reporting

For students looking for online courses and programs across our state of Florida system, ODL regularly uploads online course listings to the FloridaShines web catalog, a service of the Florida Virtual Campus. In addition, we report online program data to university administrators, the Board of Governors, and state and federal regulatory agencies. Working alongside departments offering online programs, our staff also coordinate and report online program data for U.S. News & World Report's annual college rankings.

Student Inquiries

Our program specialists are available by phone and email to respond to student inquiries about FSU's online programs. Whether it's a question about distance learning fees, how to find a course online through Student Central, or general questions about what FSU offers, we answer questions and connect students to resources across the university. Many questions are addressed in our student-facing website,, and students are always welcome to reach us at 850-644-4635 or send us a message at


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