Meet Our Team

We welcome your calls, emails, and visits. Our offices are located on the FSU campus in Building C of the University Center (at Doak Campbell Stadium). If you need to reach one of us directly, you'll find contact information for each of our teams below.



ODL's administrative team oversees the day-to-day operations of our office and provides leadership and strategic planning for the distance learning services we offer.

Human Resources

Cindy Finuff Assistant Director, Human Resources 850-644-7531
Finance & Accounting
Teresa McCann Senior Accounting Specialist 850-645-4896
Stephani Harrell Accounting Specialist 850-645-4899

Communications & Creative Services

The communications and creative services team develops and implements strategies that advance key ODL initiatives, manages the department’s communications and creative services, and provides a full suite of video production services for faculty developing and teaching online courses.

Kim Houghton Assistant Director, Communications 850-645-2810
Karen Hawkins Editor & Communications Coordinator 850-645-0006
Elizabeth Anderson Multimedia & Web Design Specialist 850-645-5638
Media Services
D.D. Garbarino Media Production Manager 850-644-7574
Jim Shaw Technology Specialist 850-645-2803
Dennis Brewer Media Technician 850-645-2803

Instructional Development

Instructional development faculty at ODL provide instructional support for the development of online programs and courses. In addition to project management, the team provides instructional design consultations and reviews courses for alignment with online design standards. They also offer training on instructional technology, universal design and accessibility, online course design standards, and online pedagogy.

Annette Jones, PhD Instructional Development Faculty 850-644-6141
John L. Crow, PhD Instructional Development Faculty 850-645-0973
Liying Miao Instructional Development Faculty 850-644-7536
John Braswell Instructional Technology Faculty 850-645-0469
Chuck McCann Instructional Technology Specialist 850-645-2805

Program Support

The program support team serves students, faculty, and staff in the administration of online courses and programs. Program specialists publish data related to FSU’s distance learning activities, testing staff provide form scanning and proctored testing, and course support specialists help course developers meet standards for online quality and accessibility.

Scott Bickley Assistant Director, Program Support 850-644-3541
Academic Programs
Christina Quick Senior Academic Program Specialist 850-645-0393
Marissa Schrenk Academic Program Specialist 850-645-5862
Samantha Yates Academic Program Specialist 850-645-9922
Assessment & Testing
Gerardo Díaz-Méndez Testing Services Manager 850-645-8747
Charlie Hart Testing Team Lead 850-644-3017
Michael Clay Testing Operations Assistant 850-644-3017
Amora Randolph Testing Operations Assistant 850-644-3017
Course Support
Brittany Wyatt Course Support Supervisor 850-644-1571
Teodora Abrams Course Support Specialist  
Christopher Riley Course Support Specialist 850-644-1571
India Bryant Course Support Specialist 850-644-1571
Kaylah Bias Course Support Specialist 850-644-1571
Akanksha Chauhan Course Support Specialist 850-644-1571

Technology Services

ODL's technology services team helps students and instructors make the best use of FSU’s academic technologies. Developers and data engineers create web applications that support ODL services, manage student and course data in Canvas, and integrate academic technologies within Canvas. The systems team ensures that servers and workstations are secure and regularly updated, and support specialists research and respond to technical support requests.

Mary Eichin Associate Director 850-645-4628
Dewel Lindsey Business Analyst 850-645-9923
Application Development
Cissy Cui Senior Application Developer 850-644-8006
Xiaoli (Shirley) Tao Application Developer 850-644-7544
Data Engineering
Mike Richards Senior Data Systems Engineer 850-645-9175
Alex Shin Technical Support Specialist 850-645-2730
Systems Administration
Clark "Skip" Cope Systems Administrator 850-645-2812
Technical Support
Amanda Whitaker Canvas Project Manager 850-644-8004
Kip Butts Support Manager 850-644-8004
Matteo van Zweiten Assistant Canvas Technical Support Lead 850-644-8004
Vegas Spivey Support Specialist 850-644-8004
Brandon Castellanos Support Specialist 850-644-8004
Haripriya Pendyala Support Specialist 850-644-8004
Teja Gundannagari Support Specialist 850-644-8004
Harika Gamidi Support Specialist 850-644-8004
Jo Furmanek Support Specialist 850-644-8004
Kiara Carey Support Specialist 850-644-8004