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Training & Workshops

Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned user of FSU's teaching and learning technologies, our experts can help you take your skills to the next level. We offer workshops, webinars, and one-on-one consultations on a variety of topics, from universal design and accessibility and do-it-yourself media tools to using Canvas and other instructional technologies.

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Online Workshops

Summer sessions are coming soon!

To help instructors with enhancing the quality of their courses, we're providing online workshops on a wide range of topics. Review our offerings below and register for the session that best fits your needs. If you need technical support, scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for an individual consultation.

Advanced Kaltura Tricks and Tips
Our team can help you feel at ease working with advanced media tools in your Canvas course site. This webinar covers innovative media tools like video quizzing, Interactive Paths, hotspots, and YouTube to help with student engagement.
Note: We recommend you know the basics of Kaltura and how to navigate within your Canvas course before attending this webinar. Consider joining the Get Started with Kaltura session for preparation.

Facilitator: ODL Media Group

Ally: What It Is and How to Use It
This webinar introduces the accessibility tool Blackboard Ally and its benefits for students, instructors, and administrators. You'll learn about Ally's accessibility check meters and alternative format options. The session takes a brief look at Ally's role within accessibility and Universal Design for Learning and concludes with a Q&A.

Facilitator: John L. Crow, PhD, Instructional Development Faculty

Canvas Gradebook 101
This webinar focuses on how to set up your Canvas Gradebook to facilitate your course’s grading needs. From grade column creation to grade weighting and ensuring your Canvas grading scheme matches what's in your syllabus, this webinar will help you get your Gradebook up and running.

Facilitator: ODL Technical Support Staff

Design Effective Assessments
Learn how to create, deliver, and interpret the results of exams and assignments delivered via Canvas. Topics include all Canvas assessments, enhancing exam security, working with test pools, and using test statistics to improve exams.

Facilitator: John L. Crow, PhD, Instructional Development Faculty

Engage Learners with Online Activities
Learn ways to engage your students in the online learning environment. We'll analyze online course survey data and recommend strategies like content engagement, instructional videos, group work, and best practices for discussions. We'll also see how Canvas-integrated engagement tools like Flipgrid are used in courses.

Facilitator: Liying Miao, Instructional Development Faculty

Get Started with Kaltura
We can help you feel at ease in developing and managing media in your Canvas course site. We'll demonstrate how Kaltura Express Capture and Kaltura Personal Capture recording tools can help you with announcements, lectures, and modules. You'll also learn about the importance of the Quality Matters rubric when developing videos.

Facilitator: ODL Media Group

Get Started with Canvas New Quizzes
New Quizzes is Canvas's new assessment engine, which will replace the current "Classic" Quizzes over the next few years. New Quizzes provides assessment features such as new question types, shuffling of assessment questions, robust auto-grading options, and more. This webinar introduces you to New Quizzes' improvements and workflow changes so you’ll have an easier time transitioning before Classic Quizzes is retired in June 2024.

Facilitator: ODL Technical Support
Session Offerings: May 11, May 16, May 25, June 8, June 13, June 22, June 27, July 6, July 11, July 20, July 25, Aug. 3, Aug. 8

Get Started with Zoom
This webinar demonstrates how to set up a Zoom meeting in Canvas and how to link Zoom recordings in your Canvas course. Security concerns, My Media, and when to use your FSU Zoom will also be discussed. We'll conclude with open mic time on using Zoom in Canvas.

Facilitator: Chuck McCann, Instructional Technology Specialist

Make Learning Inclusive with Universal Design
Universal design for learning involves creating course materials that are usable by all people without needing to make accommodations to your course design. Learn about the principles and practice of universal design, how to make your Canvas site and digital course content accessible, and how tools like Bb Ally help make the process easier.

Facilitator: John L. Crow, PhD, Instructional Development Faculty

Make Office Documents Accessible
This webinar reviews key accessibility issues with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, including headings, image descriptions, text columns, tables, and more. In this hands-on session, you'll be encouraged to follow along with the presenter to format examples of Word and PowerPoint documents.
NOTE: You should be familiar with Word and PowerPoint and have a computer with the latest version of Office installed or access to Office 365 Online. For the latest version of Office, see the ITS Office 365 ProPlus page.

Facilitator: John L. Crow, PhD, Instructional Development Faculty

Make PDF Documents Accessible
This webinar addresses common accessibility issues that arise in Adobe PDF documents. In this hands-on session, you’ll be encouraged to follow along with the presenter to format examples of PDF documents. You should be familiar with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (PC or Mac) and have a computer installed with Acrobat Pro.
NOTE: If you don’t have Acrobat Pro on your computer, see the ITS Design Software page on how to install Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Acrobat Pro and is free to FSU faculty and staff.

Facilitator: John L. Crow, PhD, Instructional Development Faculty

Online Library Services
FSU Libraries provide access to services and resources for distance learning faculty and students. This webinar demonstrates how to use library tools in your online courses. Learn about integrations in Canvas, synchronous and asynchronous learning support opportunities, information literacy tools, and open educational resources.

Facilitator: Lindsey Wharton, Extended Campus & Distance Services Librarian

Organize Your Course for Student Success
In online courses, module-level objectives are critical to delivering instruction that meets quality standards. This webinar focuses on how to organize your course using module-level objectives that are aligned with class materials, activities, and assessments. Like a study guide for the unit, these objectives help students focus their learning.

Facilitators: Annette Jones, PhD, Instructional Development Faculty, and John Braswell, Instructional Technology Faculty

Promote Participation with Zoom
In this webinar, we'll demonstrate and discuss pedagogical and technical strategies for promoting participation with Zoom. Topics include regular and preassigned breakout rooms, ready-made polling, management of the Zoom interface, remote control access, screen sharing, and Zoom recordings and reports.

Facilitator: Chuck McCann, Instructional Technology Specialist

Quality Online Teaching: The Big Picture
This webinar takes a broad look at six strategies of quality online instruction: using a course template, writing module-level objectives, designing effective assessments, engaging learners with online activities, making materials work for all learners with universal design, and staying present with your students. 

Facilitator: John Braswell, Instructional Technology Faculty

Stay Present with Canvas Communication Tools
Teaching presence is one of the core components that contributes to the overall educational experience. In this webinar, you'll learn principles of humanized online teaching, types of communication, and how to use tools like Canvas announcements, discussions, intro videos, and emails to communicate with your students.

Facilitator: Liying Miao, Instructional Development Faculty

Teaching Online: Approaches to Pedagogy and Course Design
In this webinar, ways to develop activities, assignments, and assessments for the online environment will be presented. Faculty will be encouraged to share examples of challenges and successes as part of this exploration of the design and delivery of online courses. Seating is limited to 25 to encourage faculty interaction.

Facilitator: Kerry Burner, PhD, Instructional Development Faculty

Use Templates to Make Your Course Site Pop!
This webinar covers how to use DesignPLUS templates in Canvas to enhance the appearance of your course and make it easy to navigate. You'll learn how to use the DesignPLUS editor to customize templates to meet individual course needs. In this hands-on session, you can practice what you learn by working in a Canvas course "sandbox."
NOTE: You must have access to a computer with an internet connection and either the Chrome or Firefox web browser installed. HTML knowledge is helpful but not necessary.

Facilitator: John L. Crow, PhD, Instructional Development Faculty

Technical Support Consultation

This online consultation provides individualized help with questions you may have about online instruction, such as using Canvas and associated academic technologies.

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