Feedback Matters


Putting off your course evaluation?

Your opinion of your courses – good and bad – influences instruction at FSU. Make your voice count!

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Students who opt out of course evaluations cite a wide range of reasons. We address some of the most common below:

I’m worried about anonymity.

To protect your anonymity, FSU works with a third-party vendor who administers and stores course evaluation data. No one at the university has access to information that would identify a student with a survey.*

I liked my instructor so don’t have any feedback.

When it comes to their courses, instructors want to know what’s working just as much as what’s not. Don’t opt out because you don’t have anything negative to say. Administrators consider course evaluation ratings when making decisions about instructor promotion and raises. All feedback is important!

I don’t think what I say will make any difference.

FSU views course evaluation feedback as an important indicator of teaching quality. Providing specific feedback can help your instructor focus on areas that might need adjustment in their course. University administrators use course evaluation ratings when making decisions about instructor training, promotions, and raises.

My instructor is using a different survey.

The university’s official Student Perception of Courses and Instructors (SPCI) survey is the best way to provide anonymous feedback. Unlike surveys created in Canvas or Qualtrics that do not guarantee student anonymity, the SPCI is administered by an outside vendor to protect your identity. Data is maintained and stored by the vendor, and no one at FSU can see who completed the surveys.*

*Exceptions: Hostile, threatening, sexual, or humiliating comments are a violation of the FSU Student Conduct Code and may result in a waiver of student confidentiality.