Mission & Commitments

The Office of Digital Learning (ODL) serves as a steward of distance education at FSU, providing leadership, policy guidance, faculty support and development, and other resources. ODL's services to students, faculty, and staff promote and implement university initiatives to support student academic achievement in technology-mediated learning environments.

Mission & Commitments

ODL’s mission is to serve the entire FSU community, whether on-campus or at a distance, by providing exceptional digital learning opportunities and support:

  • Provide and support academic technologies for world-class learning
  • Promote and facilitate engaging, online instruction that exceeds quality standards
  • Support academic integrity with testing services for high-stakes exams
  • Develop and advance accessible course design and delivery
  • Administer the secure, anonymous evaluation of FSU courses

In all that we do, we are committed to the following core values:

Excellence in Service | We are committed to providing extraordinary service to our clients and will never be complacent about the quality of what we produce.

Quality and Rigor | We are committed to providing the highest quality product and service possible, exceeding the rigorous standards of our educational institution.

Collegiality | We are committed to building positive, professional, and respectful relationships with our colleagues. We believe in respect, honesty, and fairness in all our interactions.

Accountability | We are committed to holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable for behavior, actions, and the outcomes we produce.

Good Stewardship | We are committed to making the best use of the limited human, financial, and time resources available to us. We will treat these resources as if they were our own.

Innovation | We are committed to a continuous journey of finding new and better ways to serve our clients through technology, pedagogy, and best practices.


The Office of Digital Learning reports to the Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Advised by the university’s Faculty Senate Distance Learning Committee, ODL is responsible for the administrative oversight of distance education at FSU. See the Distance Learning Policy & Process document for more information.