Media Production Services

Looking to enhance your online course? Video is a great way to engage your students in the online learning environment. With a state-of-the-art studio and technologies like the lightboard and One Button Studio, our media team has the tools and expertise you need to augment your online instruction and meet online course quality standards.


Video Production

Whether you need a course intro or instructional video, our media team provides professional video production services for FSU online courses. Located in building UCC in the stadium, we offer studio recording with green screen as well as on-location production services.

One Button Studio

If you prefer the idea of a private, low-profile production studio, the One Button Studio offers professional, do-it-yourself video recording. Equipped with a green screen and lightboard, instructors can produce high-quality video at the touch of a button. Create online course introductions, record lectures for flipped classrooms, interview an expert, or give a demonstration.


When you need the ability to draw diagrams, equations, formulas, or illustrations while teaching, the lightboard makes it possible. Like a see-through whiteboard, the lightboard enables you to teach and show concepts, promoting greater engagement in the online learning environment. The lightboard is especially useful in engineering and mathematics courses.

How to Request Media Services*

  • Contact ODL Media Services to discuss the project and scope.
  • Schedule a media consultation using the QuickLinks menu on this page. We'll discuss details like a schedule for shooting, release agreements, location and copyright permissions, and closed captioning.
  • Three business days before your scheduled recording session, email your script to the ODL Media Services Team so our staff can set up the teleprompter and closed captioning.
  • Record video. Media services staff will edit your video and machine-generated captioning for internal ODL review.
  • Once video is approved by ODL Instructional Development, we'll guide you through the process of embedding the video into your course site.

*Please note that all media produced by ODL remains the property of FSU and any re-use beyond FSU courses is governed by Chapter 4.063 of FSU Regulations and Article 18.6 of the UFF-FSU Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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